If you are anything like me, keeping plants alive is hard. I never had an interest in plants growing up, so as an adult who owns a house, I have been forced to learn.

Luckily, I am here to tell you, it’s not that bad! It’s actually kind of rewarding and gives a sense of accomplishment!


So if you want to keep a plant alive, here are a few tips and info about where to start.

  1. HABIT: Everyone says to get a succulent because you don’t have to water them frequently. Well, I’ve killed almost every succulent I’ve owned living in Alabama. The plants that are easy to maintain for me are ones that you water everyday. That way, you can make it a part of your morning routine, and you don’t have to keep up with how many days or weeks it has been since you fed your plant.
  2. CHOICE: The best plants for this are Impatiens (pronounced like “impatience” because ain’t that relatable), Basil, Vinca Vine, and my most recent discovery Geranium. Today I’m going to focus on Impatiens because they are a great plant to start out with and learn from!
  3. CARE: These guys LOVE water and sun. If you forget to water them, they TELL you because let’s face it, they are impatient. When you see them being all dramatic and wilting away, you immediately run to get some water. This helped me get in that daily watering routine. It only takes them a day or two to perk back up to blooming beauties! Another great thing about Impatiens, they come in several different colored blooms. Last year, I got white blooms for a classic clean look. This year, I got bright orange because I thought a pop of color would be fun.

    When I forget to water them VS when I remember to water them

  4. DISPLAY: I set my little flower boxes on my front porch. Everyone can see them, plus they can get several hours of sun light each day.
  5. COST: You should be able to get them at almost any flowering gardening store. They are a very popular choice, so retailers are going to be selling them. Plus, they are inexpensive! You can typically get about 6 for $10!

Happy planting!



I love seeing all of the cool ways ladies hang their jewelry! When you are living in a small space and don’t have tons of room for storage, making your jewelry into a fun piece of wall art just makes sense.

I chose to hang mine on faux antlers, and I’m loving it! My husband actually found this piece for me a while back, but I’ve found a very similar one HERE from Hobby Lobby.


Here are a few more inspirational photos for your future necklace display. Happy hanging!




This new wall decor makes me smile every time I look at it! Hanging pictures in a tiled grouping is so clean and refreshing.


Trick to hanging evenly spaced wall decor:

I don’t have a laser leveler so hanging pictures evenly is a pain. My Nashville roomie, Emily, taught me a little interior design trick that works like a charm!

First, lay out the photos on the ground the way you want them to look on the wall. Then turn them face down.


Next, get one long strip of scotch tape that extends over the hangers.


You’ll then use a pen to mark a little dot on the tape where the nail will need to go to hang the photo.
Peal the tape off the frames and stick it to the wall! Be sure to use a leveler to make sure the tape isn’t slanted.


Once the nails are in the wall, peal off the tape & hang your evenly spaced memories!


frames | accent table