This new wall decor makes me smile every time I look at it! Hanging pictures in a tiled grouping is so clean and refreshing.


Trick to hanging evenly spaced wall decor:

I don’t have a laser leveler so hanging pictures evenly is a pain. My Nashville roomie, Emily, taught me a little interior design trick that works like a charm!

First, lay out the photos on the ground the way you want them to look on the wall. Then turn them face down.


Next, get one long strip of scotch tape that extends over the hangers.


You’ll then use a pen to mark a little dot on the tape where the nail will need to go to hang the photo.
Peal the tape off the frames and stick it to the wall! Be sure to use a leveler to make sure the tape isn’t slanted.


Once the nails are in the wall, peal off the tape & hang your evenly spaced memories!


frames | accent table


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