About to take a trip to the coast? Packing can feel overwhelming and you don’t want to forget anything. I get it and want to help, so here is my packing list from our most recent beach trip! All you have to do is click on the category you want, so you can browse and shop my favorite products!

-Coverups + Sandals
-Lounge Sets + PJs
-Meals Out

Beach Day:
-Sunscreen + Skincare
-Towels + Floats
-Chair + Umbrella
-Cooler + Portable Speaker

-Sand Wagon + Sand Games

Beach House:
-Makeup + Hair Products (for dinner nights)
-Games + Movies (for rainy days)
-Phone Charger (no need to shop.. I know you have one of these bad boys)
-Extra toilet paper, paper towels and garbage bags

Pro Tip: When you get to your beach town destination, grab your groceries. Save the grocery bags to put your dirty clothes in! Your dirty clothes won’t get your clean clothes dirty, any wet swimmies you have will be contained, and it makes is SUPER easy to unpack when you get home!

xoxo Joining Jordan



Hi y’all, Madalyn Jordan here. I hope you join in on all the fun as I share trends and recommendations for fashion, food, decor, and travel!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now but haven’t had the courage to do it. Thanks to some inspiring and supportive friends & family, I am going out on a limb and giving it a try!

I by no means have everything figured out, (let’s be real, adulting is hard) but I’m hoping to share some things I learn along the way to make life easier for others!

Thanks for joining in- xoxo
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